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Wedding Details Form

Happy almost Wedding Day! Below is final details and information I need from you



Please provide VIP Bridal Party list for Bridal Suite & Groom Suite

What time would you like the gate shut for the ceremony? (We will reopen it at ceremony end)

Would you like swing tied up and hidden or let down ?

Which items and how many would you like to use during your wedding?

Please upload or email your floor plan/setup
Upload File - Layout


*Please email over a copy of the Event Insurance listing us (White Rock Family LLC) as additional insured if you have not already done so. Click HERE for link to event insurance



*Friday Setup 7am-7pm

*Saturday 7am-10pm

(10pm music to stop and lights on)

*Sunday Cleanup 7am-3pm


-Check in for Vacation home is 3pm (Unless early check in is available)

-Check out for home is 11am

-14 person max & no after wedding parties at the home

-Furniture and all items in Bridal Suite & Groom Suite & Vacation Home are to remain inside and not to be brought outside. 

-Bridal Suite & Groom Suite will get locked at Ceremony Start time. 

PLEASE remind your bridesmaids and groomsmen of this.  Bridal Suite & Groom Suite will be unlocked again the following morning to get your belongings.  Please remove whatever belongings you will need access to during the rest of your event.

-Please let us know if you are parking any trailers on the property and how many.  Please inform any trailers that quiet time is 10pm


*Please make sure you go over the decoration rules again.

*Please Re-Read over the contract and make sure everything is understood. If you have any questions please let me know. 

Looking forward to your special day!

Thanks for submitting!

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